What we offer

We specialize in delivering the end-to-end research needs of Fortune 500 companies, startups, research/ analyst firms, higher education institutions, philanthropies, and funding agencies. At the heart of our services is a data + human insights approach to give our clients the greatest return on their investments.

Our compelling insights are intended to get companies curious about the future by understanding their customers better and empowering leaders to take more effective decisions.

Quantitative Data

Qualitative Human Insights

360-Degree View of Your Target Audience

Our clients use us for a variety of research services:

Primary Research

Whether you need a small qualitative study in a specific community or a large, multi-country quantitative study of hard-to-find executives, We have the in-house capabilities to manage online, CATI, Hybrid, or mixed-mode projects on a global scale.

Quantitative Research

  • Our extensive B2B and B2C data collection experience cuts across multiple vertical industries in more than 30 countries.

  • Our in-house Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (CATI) center conducts surveys globally. We adhere to all industry practices and privacy standards.

Qualitative Research

  • We complement every quantitative study with qualitative human insights to give our clients a deep understanding of their target audience.

  • We have a dedicated and highly skilled team conducting in-depth interviews, often with high level/hard to reach respondents. We meet your need for deeper insights into various behaviors and decision-making processes through in-depth interviewing techniques.

  • Our curious researchers use innovative techniques during the interviewing process to probing deeply held motivations, attitudes and beliefs that often play a significant role in market choices reflected in quantitative survey responses or empirical behavior.

Online Sampling

Our panels include participants in over 30 countries, with over 3.8 MILLION CONSUMERS and more than 1.6 MILLION B2B DECISION MAKERS and PROFESSIONALS. Notably, over 900,000 of our B2B panelists are IT DECISION MAKERS, of which 15% are VP-level and above.

Our panels are actively managed, and unlike many panel providers, mutually exclusive; consumer panellists never get a business survey and business panellists never get a consumer survey.


  • Our B2B panel is by invitation only with two-phase qualification procedures. Our panel is built through running targeted campaigns, including social media, emails and phone. Also, Curious Insights has strategic partnerships with various social media websites, publishers, loyalty programs and professional associations from whom it purchases databases to source respondents.

  • Our panel cuts across all departments and job titles.


  • We cover a wide variety of consumers across the globe. We target consumers based on their profile which includes specifics on their age/ gender/ ethnicity, education, employment, technology usage, travel history, automobile ownership and income level.

Healthcare and Pharma

  • We target healthcare professionals globally. Our empanelled members include General Practitioners/Physicians, Cardiologists, Dentists/ ENT Specialists, Orth paediatricians, Endocrinologists, Paediatricians, and Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Lab Technicians/Managers/Directors, office staff and medical IT specialists.

Thought Leadership

Whether it’s about the future of work, market/ industry trends or a point of view, our curious writers can deliver a fresh perspective that is bold, trustworthy, headline-grabbing, and sure to spark conversations. We focus on storytelling techniques to make your point of view unique. Our thought leadership services include:

  • Thought-provoking whitepapers

  • Blogs

  • Point-of-View Articles

  • Case Studies

  • Webinars & Keynote Speaking

What can thought leadership do for your brand?

  • Position you as an industry leader

  • Earn more PR opportunities

  • Expand into new audiences

  • Boost your reputation

  • Increase client trust

Talent Research

In the cut-throat world of business, retaining top talent is an uphill battle. As attrition rates hit an all-time high, companies are grappling with burning questions like what motivates employees to stay loyal, and what drives engagement and job satisfaction.

At Curious Insights, we're on a mission to help companies discover the secrets to building a high-performing workforce that is driven by curiosity.

With our curious research offering, you can:

  • Understand what motivates employees to stay loyal to your company

  • Identify the factors that drive employee engagement and job satisfaction

  • Develop effective strategies to attract, retain, and develop high-performing talent

  • Create an inclusive culture that fosters curiosity, innovation, and growth

Don't let your competitors steal your best talent. Contact us today to discover the curious side of talent research and unlock the potential of your workforce.

Custom Research

When the market research is catered to your specific needs, it helps you in understanding your target market better. Our custom research offerings include:

  • Market Intelligence

  • Go-to-market Strategy

  • Buying Behavior, attitude and motivation

  • Customer Perception, Retention & Satisfaction

  • Distribution Channels & Partners

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Company Profiling

  • Market trends/ newsletter

  • Competitive Intelligence/ profiling

  • Market opportunity & Sizing

  • Usage and attitude studies

  • Customer experience & journey mapping

  • Drivers and barriers

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