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As a forward-thinking, ever-curious global research firm, our mission is to humanize market research. We collect quantitative survey data and add context to reveal new insights. Blending human science with data collection and analysis allows us to understand not only how customers think and feel, but why they think and feel the way they do, giving our clients a 360-degree view of their target audience. By being curious we begin to understand data rather than just interpreting it.

Whether yours is a B2B or B2C industry, Curious Insights can help you collect not just quantitative data detailing how your customers spend their money, but also human behavioral focused qualitative insights revealing the experience they are seeking when they spend, their behavior, priorities, and motivations and what it is really like for them to use your products and services.

Our uniquely curious data + human insights approach allows our clients to develop a more acute understanding of their target audience and make the absolute most of their research investments.

Our Story

In a market research landscape dominated by data, Manish (Manie) Bahl noticed a critical gap — the lack of human connection and insight. He saw that while data is essential, understanding the subtle ways products and services impact lives is what truly brings depth to research. This realization led him to found Curious Insights, a company dedicated to blending quantitative data with qualitative human stories to capture the market's full scope.

With more than 20 years of experience as a thought leader, Manie's extensive interactions across the globe have enriched Curious Insights with invaluable insights into human behavior, setting it apart. He's familiar with the business world's complexities and the significance of asking the right questions.

Curious Insights represents a new approach to market research, prioritizing the human element alongside data. It's about gaining a comprehensive understanding, not just a partial view. With Curious Insights, you'll achieve not just data, but impactful insights that bring your project to life.


Manish Bahl

Chief Executive and Founder

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