Why Choose Us

We don ́t limit ourselves to investigating the "what?" Instead, we deepen into the "why?" to obtain strategic insights that serve as a tool to drive greater commercial success for our clients. We challenge armchair assumptions about how consumers and decision-makers view the world and live their lives, and ask quantitative and qualitative questions in new ways to give our clients fresh insights.

Our human-centric approach to market research prompts us to Ask Questions Others Are Not Asking. In turn, this gives us an edge we can pass on to our clients in uncovering differentiated and disruptive insights from their research investments.

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.”

Bernard Baruch

What makes us unique

Our differentiation is the combination of creativity, critical thinking, and openness to learn and grow. When you choose to work with us you can expect the following:

To start with people

We blend data, research, and both number-crunching and storytelling methods to really get to know the people behind the stats. And you'll see that personal touch in our work.

A 360-degree perspective

Our data + human insights approach provides a 360- degree view of your target audience, making your research project unique.

Top-notch experts

We've got a dedicated team of linguists, data buffs, and qualitative researchers ready to give you a fresh take on your business.

Continued curiosity

We're naturally curious about market research, and it drives everything we do. This enthusiasm is evident in our work, our dedication to clients, and our push to make their research shine.

Proprietary B2B and B2C panel

1M+ IT Decision Makers and LOB/BDMs worldwide and 66K others, including (Gaming/software developers, Dev Ops, students/early professionals, HNWI, healthcare professionals and many more).

Language Support

Conducting research across the globe can’t be achieved with one standard language. We have access to foreign language resources aided by a strong international partner network.

Competitive Pricing, Uncompromised Quality

We believe top-notch work shouldn't cost a fortune. With us, you get stellar expertise without the hefty price tag.

Collaborative working

When you team up with us, you get more than just a service. You get a committed partner eager to grasp your specific needs, aims, and hurdles. Think of us as an added arm to your squad, working together to score some impressive wins.

Walk in your shoes

With our extensive experience working in all the layers of the market research ecosystem, we know the difficulties involved in running a business and how difficult it can be to stop and take the time to ask the right questions.

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Are you curious?

We are always on the lookout for people with expertise in the area of quantitative and qualitative research.
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